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Justice League: War (2014) is an Action, Thriller, Adventure, Mystery, Historical fantasy, Drama anime Movie. Justice League: War (2014) - Sequence of loot have arrive in Gotham city. Batman is coated owing to video footage. Green Lantern pull up a  smuggling before invade the kidnapper. A horrid Parademon and is almost vanquished when Batman arrive. The Parademon attacks them both Batman and Green Lantern. They are chase where it charges a Mother Box and explodes. They test the box deduce it is of extraterrestrial ultimate and fix to ask Superman for an reply. Mother Box supplied by Flash is being practiced at STAR LAB.
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Title: Justice League: War
Type: Movie
Genre:Action, Thriller, Adventure, Mystery, Historical fantasy, Drama
Age Approved: Everyone
Audio: English
Subtitle: English

Justice League: War

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